RESPACC E1: Research for all palliative care clinicians. Core research Competencies framework for the multidisciplinary palliative care team.  

ERASMUS+: 2020-1-RO01-KA202-080128

Event host organization: Navarra University

Date and place: 17th Feb 2022, Zoom/ Navarra University

University of Navarra organized a hybrid (face-to-face and online) multiplier event. The event was promoted in advance on different communication channels (Project Facebook, Twitter & website, partners’ website, EAPC networks etc.).

The aim of this multiplier event was to engage stakeholders and experts, to discuss and provide feedback and input regarding the framework developed in O1, in order to prepare documentation for white-paper with recommendation of including core research competencies in PC clinicians’ training.

The structure of the event was as follow:

  1. Session with a Clinician-Researcher in Palliative Care
  2. Project presentation, highlighting the achievements.
  3. Core research competencies for PC clinicians – participants review, working in 3 groups: experts, palliative care health care professionals and educators
  4. Introductory session on qualitative research

Through this multiplier event, we targeted delegates from Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries where palliative care is being developed, and research is still struggling to be integrated. Additionally, the meeting was open worldwide, to all clinicians with an interest in research in palliative care.

There were 332 registrations, among which 106 were registered in the zoom and 19 attendees face to face, from 17 countries and 2 continents. Participants were from across the Spanish speaking countries. 

Using data gathered from registration forms, majority of attendees were from a medical background.

All professionals who registered, received a follow-up email with link to RESPACC project where they can find materials developed during the project and materials (PPTs and Articles) given in the multiplier event and the link of the recording webinar.

Event matherials: mat1, mat2, mat3, mat4, mat5, mat6, mat 7 (ES)