Communication Skills- Online International Masterclass (18 hours)

June 16–17 & June 23-24, 2022, 15:00- 20:00 (EEST) 

  • 18 CME (Continuing Medical Education) points from the National College of Physicians, Romania
  • 10 CME (Continuing Medical Education) points from the National Order for Registered Nurses, Romania- tbc

The Medicine Faculty of The Transilnavia University from Brasov, Romania, under the coordination of Prof. Daniela Moșoiu, MD, PhD (Romania), will offer the first international virtual Masterclass in Communication Skills on June 2022, having as invited faculty Frank Ferris, MD, FAAHPM, FAACE (USA).

While the masterclass will offer the large group sessions in English, we would like to setup the interactive breakout groups to be in each language so that everyone can practice these skills in their own language.

We have facilitators from 12 countries (Armenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Serbia), so we are waiting palliative care specialists from these countries to register to this 4-days communication marathon.

The following topics are on the Masterclass’ agenda:

  • Communicating Effectively,
  • Communicating Prognosis Effectively,
  • Conducting Family Meetings to Address “Don’t Tell” / Overprotective Families,
  • Conducting Family Meetings to Refer to Palliative Care,
  • Communication with the team. How to conduct a multidisciplinary meeting,
  • Conflict Management,
  • Advance Care Planning,
  • Conducting Family Meetings to Facilitate Difficult Decision.