RESPACC E2: Writing for academic and professional journals

ERASMUS+: 2020-1-RO01-KA202-080128

Event host organizations: HOSPICE Casa Speranței, European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC)

Date and place: 01.10.2022, Bucharest, Romania

HOSPICE Casa Sperantei organized a face-to-face multiplier event, in workshop format. The event was promoted in advance on different communication channels (Project webpage,  Facebook, partners’ website, EAPC networks etc.). The event had different sessions that included three sessions dedicated to articles writing for academic journals. Through this multiplier event, we targeted delegates from Romania, where palliative care is being developed, and research is still struggling to be integrated.

The aim of this multiplier event was to build research capacity for clinicians and educators with interest in palliative care research. The main focus was to practice on academic writing, based on materials developed on O2, including useful information from O3 related to the guideline and flowchart for a research proposal developed and from O4 regarding the quantitative and qualitative research designs.

The structure of the event was as follow (for more details see Agenda):

  1. Introduction to workshop, objectives and facilitators, introduction to writing scientific papers for medical journals and writing styles
  2. Structure of papers
  3. Selecting an appropriate journal

All professionals who participated, received a follow-up email with link to RESPACC project where they can find materials developed during the project.

Event matherisls: AGENDA, Writing for academic and professional journals1Writing for academic and professional journals2Writing for academic and professional journals3